BOSS Course: Compensation for Managers

Talking about money can be uncomfortable (we know, you’re shocked), but failure by managers to answer employee questions about compensation can be deadly.

In this session, we’ll give managers all the 411 they need on standard compensation theory, then we’ll use that education to help them effectively deal with five compensation/money questions employees are known to routinely ask. We’ll sprinkle in higher-level concepts about the linkage of compensation to performance to make sure there’s something for everyone.

Once the mystery is gone and you effectively engage employees in conversations about money, your risk goes down, not up. You can’t be a great manager without nailing conversations with employees about money. We’ll show you how.

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Your Team Wants Fairness and Equity

Check that. Everyone on your team wants more money, but they’ll settle for a belief that you treat compensation issues with fairness and equity. We prepare managers with the following:

Comp Theory

Whether it’s research behind money and motivation or breaking out the standard components of a comp plan, we level up managers on what they need to know.

The Most Asked Questions

You can’t prepare for the tough questions if you don’t know what they are. Our experts provide the roadmap on questions most likely to be asked by employees.

Talking Tracks

Our training takes the guesswork out of talking about compensation. We walk managers through a guided process on how to answer tough questions with transparency and authenticity.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course


1. A broader understanding of comp – Your managers might think compensation is more random than it is. We’ll give them the base they need to understand it is market-driven in almost every circumstance.

2. How to make offers – Managers can be on their heels with candidates related to money. We’ll show you how to be in control of the recruiting process – from the first call.

3. Annual increases - It’s hard for managers to give a 3% increase and be proud. We’ll show you how to direct conversations back to what’s in the employee’s control when annual increase time comes around.

4. Dealing with internal equity issues – We give managers the talking tracks they need to protect themselves from internal rumors and provide clarity to employees.

5. Dealing with external data sources – Managers get blindsided by data found on sites like Glassdoor too often. We’ll show you how to engage in those conversations without being a victim.

Ready to Look Under the Hood?

Thousands of managers of people have been through the BOSS Leadership Series. We learn from every engagement and our materials evolve over time. There’s nothing that builds credibility like a manager who doesn’t run from tough questions on comp. Get a sense for our approach by clicking on the materials below:

Table of Contents

Click to view the high-level overview of what our instructors will be covering as they work with your managers. 

Read an Excerpt

Get the vibe of how we're going to be engaging your managers by looking at some of the text from the Participant's Guide.

View an Exercise

We're savage when it comes to getting your managers involved. See an exercise (one of many) designed to drive conversation.

Sometimes You Need Outside Experts to Spice Things Up

Every BOSS Leadership module comes with great pop culture hooks designed to make you laugh (and think). Seems appropriate to show a Jerry McGuire clip in a world where all employees want you to show them the money.


Laughs = Engagement = Openness to Learn

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