BOSS Course: Goal Setting With Employees

Ever wonder why so many employees are confused about how they are doing? Easy - we forgot to tell them what we expect and why it’s good for their career – Performance Goal Setting 101.

In this session, we’ll explore why performance goals are lovely in theory, but research shows that setting them without a plan produces mediocre results at best. We’ll move from the research and help managers set up a practical, two-way interaction to help their direct reports set goals they’ll want to achieve (and actually do it!). If you’re hungry to improve performance at your company across your team, this is a great place to start.

Alternative title if you want to have more fun - Just Don't Bore Me (because the best managers understand how to tie getting things done with the career aspirations of their employees)

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The Best Goals Engage While Getting Things Done

Great managers understand that it’s possible to maximize growth while getting things done. Your path to “manager of the year" starts with goal setting via the following cornerstones:

Whose Idea Was it?

The more your goal setting process allows for brainstorming from the employee, the more you win.


We teach managers to always frame necessary goals back to the development of their team. Look hard – the connection is there.

Stack It Up.

When getting things done equals career accomplishment and portfolio building, you become known as “a great developer of people.” Advantage: You.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course


1. Understanding the research - We'll teach managers that how employees react to goals isn't random, it's based on behavioral science they see daily.

2. Knowledge on the use of goal types – Managers will learn how different goal types and the triangle of quantity, quality and command intersect to provide the right goal type for specific situations.

3. Skills for employee participation in goal setting – We’ll arm students in this course with simple yet powerful facilitation skills for leading conversations with employees on goal setting.

4. Methodology for locking down goals after getting employee participation - We'll show managers a clear process on how to finalize goals based on their needs while maximizing the thoughts of the employee.

5. Facilitation skills in locking down goals for future performance periods – Most managers don’t have a process for how to lock down goals in a final conversation as part of the process. We'll show you how!

Ready to Look Under the Hood?

Thousands of managers of people have been through the BOSS Leadership Series. We learn from every engagement and our materials evolve over time. Great leadership starts with an employee-centric approach to Goal Setting – click on the materials below for the vibe of this course:

Table of Contents

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We're savage when it comes to getting your managers involved. See an exercise (one of many) designed to drive conversation.

It’s Official – Watching Bad Goal Setting is Funny

(And Makes Us Want to Be Better)

Every BOSS Leadership module comes with great pop culture hooks designed to make you laugh (and think). How many pieces of flair is the goal for a server at your neighborhood bar and grill? Answer: more than you thought.

Laughs = Engagement = Openness to Learn

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