BOSS Course: Interviewing Skills

There’s nothing more important than making great decisions on who to hire – we all agree on that, right? The problem is most of us aren’t very good at the art of selection and running a hiring process (the numbers don’t lie, people!).

We’re going back to the basics in this module, walking you and your managers of people through the best way to interview at every stage of your process, legal requirements, how to create behavioral interview questions that work, and most importantly, how to follow up and get what is needed once an interview question is initially answered. We’ll wrap it up with a great system to rate candidates and make a final decision.

Alternative title if you want to have more fun - No Scrubs (because we’re trying to raise the bar on hiring and TLC references bring people together toward a common goal).

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You Won’t Be Fooled Again

It’s easy to be tricked into thinking a smooth-talking candidate will do great things, only to be disappointed. We help you grow by giving you a hiring platform with the following components:

Planning & Structure

Understanding what you need from the candidate is key. We’ll show managers how to create an interview plan before they see a live candidate.

Motivational Fit

Understanding what a candidate will do vs can do is key. We teach our students to probe for examples of past satisfaction to understand the difference.

Active Listening

Asking the right question is only the start. Candidates are trained by the world to speak in generalities. We help managers follow up in a classy way.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course


1. Comfort = results – The more managers prepare for an interview, the better they perform. We’ll show you how to prepare and maximize your success.

2. An understanding of the time of possession – The more the manager talks in an interview, the more they lose. We’ll give managers the tools they need to make the candidate do most of the talking.

3. Behavioral interviewing works – We’ll make managers seasoned students of how candidates work, seeking to understand the behavioral DNA that drives every candidate.

4. Probing skills – Great managers ask “why” in six different ways and extract maximum information that drives the right decision to hire or pass on the candidate. We help students understand how to probe for more.

5. How to close and make the right hiring decision – We’ll show managers how to be closing candidates from the first phone call, get feedback from other interviewers and control the process.

What Does It Look Like, You Ask?

Thousands of managers of people have been through the BOSS Leadership Series. We learn from every engagement and our materials evolve over time. Click on the materials below for a snapshot of how we engage with an informal vibe.

Table of Contents

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Let's Laugh At Other People Interviewing

BOSS Training is serious stuff. But fun is ALWAYS on the agenda. We do that via our world-class instructors, but also by sharing videos from pop culture classics.

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Laughs = Engagement = Openness to Learn

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