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My New Bonus is Tied to Integrity? Thank You, and Thank God For the Sales Team! Jan 16, 2021

Let’s get this out of the way first – I’m a BIG FAN OF INTEGRITY in the business world.

I love people who have integrity, I’m just enough of an expert to know you can’t effectively measure integrity in the business world.

That’s why I know that any company...

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Facts of (Work) Life: The “Manager Pass-Though” Jan 16, 2021

I first wrote about the manager pass-through in 2011.  It’s an important fact of life in every organization, so I’m writing about it again today. Here’s the trick: Imagine you could film every manager in your organization trying to defend a strategy, action,...

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Resilience and the Art of Taking an "L" As a Predictor of Talent Success Jan 16, 2021

When it comes to long-term success for a working class professional in today's world, nothing is more important than knowing how to "take the L".  

Let me explain.

"L's were taken" or "Take the L" has been around in phraseology since the early 2000's.  Here's the Urban Dictionary...

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