BOSS Course: Change Management

The only constant in your company is change. In this session, we begin with a quick rundown of traditional change management theories, then rapidly move to merge those theories with Agile principles from the world of software development.

The result is a more practical, engaging and inclusive approach to change – training your managers to engage their employees with a visual process to unlock ideas and innovation for existing strategic/team initiatives or to fix smaller problems/issues identified by employees.

Our methodology morphs your Change Management approach from the top down to inclusive – creating transparency, engagement and better ideas to deal with change along the way. 

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The Best Ideas for Change Come From Your Team

Gone are the days when you locked the leadership team away at a retreat. To find the best path during times of chaos, you need to engage your team. We’ll show you how to do it via the following principles:


There are bad ideas, but inclusion matters. The tricky part of change management is you need all the ideas to find the ones that deliver true ROI in a changing world. Our training shows managers how to do that.

Evaluating Ideas

A cool outcome of engaging your team in times of change is you don’t have to tell someone their idea won’t work – the team will. We’ll show you how to let the team evaluate which idea wins.

Fail Fast

From small departmental changes comes change with impact. We’ll show your managers how to test ideas and kill the ones that won’t work quickly.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course 


1. A deeper understanding of change – Managers will grow in their understanding of the link between corporate strategy and their teams in times of change.

2. Change facilitation skills –We teach managers how to lead groups in idea generation/evaluation sessions designed to maximize change efforts at your organization.

3. Agile test development skills –Skill in creating lightweight, quick-hitting testing environments for any idea generated in the Change process is key – we’ll show managers the roadmap on how to do this.

4. Helping teams embrace change – Managers will learn to engage teams and transfer ownership of Change management tests to individual team members with high potential.

5. Speed to go/no-go – Mastery of how to lead the evaluation of tests by making pursue/pivot/abandon decisions rapidly to maximize response to change.

Ready to Look Under the Hood?

Thousands of managers of people have been through the BOSS Leadership Series. We learn from every engagement and our materials evolve over time. Continuous improvement is part of the change cycle, right? Click on the resources below to get a feel for our offering in Change Management:

Table of Contents

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Nobody Did Change Better Than The Apollo 13 Team

Every BOSS Leadership module comes with great pop culture hooks designed to make you laugh (and think). That’s why you’ll see clips from classics like Apollo 13 in our Change Management Module.

Movies = Engagement = Openness to Learn

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