BOSS Course: Coaching Skills

Coaching. The HR buzzword that leaves even top leaders scratching their heads or sprinting to the bookstore to pick up the latest trendy business bestseller. Truth is, there’s an opportunity to coach for improvement every day on any team – the only thing missing is an easy, on-the-fly way for managers to get in and out of the conversations with the people who report to them.

Never fear! In this session, we’ll give managers a simple, yet incredibly effective six-step coaching tool they can use anytime they see something that could be improved on an employee’s performance. Better yet, our conversational coaching tool can be used in as little as two minutes. A must have for any company truly seeking to make their managers better coaches.

Alternative title if you want to have more fun - Please Shut Up  (since we're teaching leaders and managers to talk less and listen more in coaching conversations)

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Our Coaching Training Takes the Mystery Out of How to Coach

We get it - everyone is busy. If you're not careful as a manager, this reality becomes the rationalization you'll use to avoid addressing small performance issues (that turn into big ones). We'll solve this pain by focusing on a few key concepts.

Time Kills All Coaching

The longer you wait to coach, the harder it becomes. We'll work with managers to understand the cost of delays in coaching.

Know How to Get Started

You can't expect just in time coaching without a playbook. We'll train your managers on how to use a standard approach.

Get Results via Inclusion

Average managers tell employees what to do, great ones involve them in the process. We'll show your managers how to listen.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course


1. Self-awareness - Too many of your managers think coaching has to be formal in nature. We’ll help them get past that stereotypical view and see all the opportunities to build relationships through a less formal approach to coaching.

2. The 6-Step coaching tool – We’ll introduce our coaching tool, designed to be memorized easily and then practiced and deployed in the individual personalities of the managers who use it. It’s simple enough to actually be used.

3. Learning when to shut up – If there’s one thing confident managers understand, it’s that they don’t need to dominate a coaching conversation. We’ll teach your managers the value of letting the employee drive a bit – as a clear path to better results.

4. Avoiding sidetracks – Our experience shows that when you try and hold an employee accountable, they’ll throw sidetracks to derail you. We’ll show your manager how to recognize sidetracks and get back to the matter at hand – the performance of the employee.

5. Practice at failing – We know that using a coaching tool is one of those things you have to use to get better at – so we’ll give them plenty of repetitions in skill practice while they are with us, increasing the probability they’ll use our tools at work.

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Everyone is Coachable. Yes, Everyone.

Every BOSS Leadership module comes with great pop culture hooks designed to make you laugh (and think). If Coach Klein can find a way to get Bobby Boucher's performance to improve in "foosball", anything is possible!


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